Taking care following predicted extreme heat forecasts.

Residents are being thanked for their support and encouraged to check-in with neighbours where appropriate to make sure that they are o.k as well as to follow the related health advice, including staying hydrated, especially in the coming days.

Council services are anticipated to be operating as close to normal as possible, with services kept under review and updates published on the website if needed.

Councillor Colin Smith, Leader of Bromley Council said, “With the temperature threatening to set an all-time high locally, the next few days are going to prove extremely testing for certain Council services.

"In particular, for Veolia’s waste and recycling collection teams who have continued to perform at an outstanding level to date, despite the extremely uncomfortable working conditions they have been encountering. I know I speak for everyone, when I publicly thank both them, as well as every other front-line worker who are ploughing on regardless, and will continue to try and do so over the course of coming days."

Councillor Smith continued, "My other key message and ‘ask’ for today is twofold if you would please.  First of all, please listen to copious sound advice to be found on TV and the radio about the impending heatwave and be certain to take adequate precautions to take care of yourselves.  What is coming are not just ‘hot days’; they really do need to be treated with due respect, to ensure we see as few Bromley casualties as possible.

"But most importantly of all, drawing on the unforgettable volunteering ethos of Bromley residents when the Covid disaster struck, could I please ask those of you who can, to keep a very close lookout for your more elderly and less able bodied neighbours, particularly those living on their own.

"They are the groups most at risk, so anything that the rest of us can do to assist, would I’m certain be very much appreciated.”

See the NHS website for practical advice about coping in hot weater


For media enquiries, please contact Andrew Rogers, Head of Public Affairs, on 020 8461 7670 or email Andrew.Rogers@Bromley.gov.uk.

Published: 17th July 2022