Witness appeal following four further fly-tip incidents

Published Tuesday, 5 June 2018

An investigation is underway following the discovery over the weekend of 4 40ft abandoned articulated trailers full of dumped rubbish.

Witnesses who may have seen the driver of the lorry are asked to contact the council, with a £500 reward available for information leading to a successful prosecution.

The 40ft abandoned articulated trailers are currently parked in Copers Cope Road and Worsley Bridge Road, with 3 of the trailers parked in Copers Cope Road and a further trailer parked in Worsley Bridge Road.  The waste has been baled or wrapped in black plastic wrapping and left on the trailers which are all in a poor state of repair.  The final costs of the specialist removal and disposal operation have not yet been established but it is believed they will be in excess of £80,000.