New proposals are being put forward for consideration for the Dog Control Public Spaces Protection Order (PSPO) and Bromley residents are being asked to share their views.

The proposal and  five week consultation period is part of the council’s ongoing campaign for responsible dog ownership, with views from stakeholders, dog owners, dog walkers, and members of the wider public about their thoughts on the proposed PSPO. Many of the proposals, such as requiring dogs to be on leads, are already accepted practice and are being formally included in the new proposed PSPO. It is being proposed however to limit the numbers of dogs that can be handled by one person to three dogs, with a permit required to walk four or more dogs in the borough’s parks.   

Councillor Angela Page, Executive Councillor for Public Protection and Enforcement says “Most dog walkers and owners do act in a responsible way, including cleaning up after their dog. These proposals support our continuing responsible dog ownership campaign by ensuring the legal framework exists locally to take action where it might be needed.  These steps will help us to protect not only our residents, their pets and the environment, but also enable us to hold those that disregard these measures in check.  I would encourage residents to examine the detail of what is being proposed and respond to the consultation.”

The main objectives of the PSPO will be:

  • Ensuring responsible dog ownership in Bromley and allowing the council to have the ability to tackle dog related antisocial behaviour.
  • Preventing dog fouling, which is unpleasant for the environment and can have dangerous effects such as toxocariasis, which can lead to blindness.
  • Formalising exclusion of dogs from areas designated for other priorities, such as children’s play areas, sport facilities, formal ornamental gardens, water bodies, growing areas or community gardens.
  • Formalising areas where dogs must be kept on the lead to prevent damage or undue disturbance, such as cemeteries, highways, or café seating areas.
  • Restricting the number of dogs that can be handled by one person to three dogs on leads to ensure responsible dog management and ensure others can feel safe when walking in publicly accessible areas. Permits can be obtained by individuals to up to four dogs on a lead.
  • Allowing offenders to be issued with Fixed Penalty Notices should they choose not to comply with reasonable instructions from officers such as picking up after their dog waste or removing their dog from restricted areas.

Respondents are encouraged to share their views in our online survey, with consultation formally closing on 31 May. Once adopted, the PSPO will be valid for three years, after which it will then be reviewed.

For more information, please visit our Dog Control PSPO consultation page.

For media enquiries, please contact Justin Brown, public affairs officer, on 020 8461 7872 or email

Published: 27th April 2023