Proposals to convert the borough’s remaining conventional style street lighting lanterns to low energy LED is going ahead following Executive approval on Thursday.

The £3.2million scheme follows successful work during the last few years to replace old lanterns with energy efficient LED lanterns.

“We are already successfully directing savings from our previous investments in LED lighting to frontline services and more savings will follow with this latest investment.  As well as also protecting ourselves from potential future energy price increases, the savings in energy mean that we are lessening our impact on the environment and moving us a step towards our net zero carbon emission target as well.” said Councillor William Huntington-Thresher, Executive Councillor for Environment and Community Services.

Previous LED conversion projects mean that over two thirds of Bromley’s 29,000 street and sign lights have already been upgraded with LED lights. Continuation of this project will help the council to; maximise energy savings, provide more reliable lighting to residents and motorists, achieve the council’s 2029 net zero carbon target and maximise financial savings to support other frontline services. With these conversions expected to occur over the next year.


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Published: 16th July 2021