Support groups

We run a number of support groups available to help families, usually within Children and Family Centres but are occasionally available in other locations. The groups are usually free and are available at different locations throughout the year.

Groups available

Children’s Group (12 weeks, children aged 4-16)

The children's group is an evidenced based program, for children who have witnessed abuse against their mother. The groups are to help the children heal after witnessing violence in the home. There is a mother’s group that runs alongside the children’s group which allows mothers to understand what the children have been learning and discussing.

You can find out more information and specific criteria for the group in our work programme leaflet (PDF - 765.61 KB).

How to apply

We will need to assess your child’s suitability for this group. Please complete our Children’s Group referral form (PDF - 416.25 KB).

Once we have received your form, we will contact you to make sure you are placed in the most suitable group. If demand is high, you might be placed on a waiting list. If this happens, we will contact you as soon as a place on the group becomes available.