Bromley's UDP was 'adopted' on 20 July 2006. and was replaced by the Bromley Local Plan when it was adopted in 2019. .A number of policies in the UDP expired on 20 July 2009. The remaining policies continue to be saved as part of the Development Plan. You can view a schedule of UDP expired policies..


You can view the adopted UDP Written Statement and the UDP Proposals Map. These maps show if there are any designations applying to a site. In all cases, whether a site is subject to a designation or not, numerous other policies not associated with specific designations may also be relevant, depending on the nature of the development proposed.

It should be noted that Conservation Areas are created outside the Local Plan process and undergo a different form of consultation; consequently these can change (normally new areas being created) during the life of the Local Plan. For further information please see Conservation Areas.

The additional adopted Supplementary Planning Guidance documents which should be read in conjunction with the UDP policies where appropriate: