Bromley Council votes YES in town centre BID ballot

Published Friday, 9 October 2015

As voting among eligible businesses gets under way in Bromley’s Business Improvement District (BID) ballot, the council is confirming it will vote ‘YES’.

The Bromley town centre BID will give businesses a greater say in how the town is managed, with the initiative approved by the council’s Executive in the summer. The news follows a successful BID in Orpington, with Orpington1st operating as the BID company since 2013. The outcome of the vote, involving all town centre businesses with a rateable value of £15,000 or above within the proposed BID area, will be known in November. 

“We already have a range of successful town centre businesses, not just the obvious retail and leisure businesses either and we want to build on this. The town is flourishing, with the improvements in Bromley North Village paying dividends and key developments underway too. Town centre businesses are growing and we are voting YES as part of our commitment to work with businesses and give them greater control, ultimately to increase investment in the town and make improvements which will ultimately benefit us all” said Councillor Peter Morgan, Executive Councillor for Renewal and Recreation. 

If businesses vote for a BID, it is expected that the new Bromley BID will generate at least £3m in additional investment into the town centre over the next 5 years.  Decisions about how this funding is spent will be made by a Board consisting of business people drawn from across the town centre. Your Bromley have developed a business plan, with £80,000 of council grant funding support, for what the BID can achieve over the next five years.  The main themes are Bromley made safer, Bromley made smarter, Bromley made prominent and Bromley made for business and further information is available at website. 

The BID ballot zone includes the whole of the High Street, Elmfield Road, the Bromley North Village area and both intu Bromley and Bromley Mall. 


  • Editor’s notes: The Bromley town centre BID ballot runs from 9 October to 5 November 2015.  To succeed at ballot the BID must pass on a dual mechanism – a majority by number of votes cast and by a majority of rateable value represented by votes cast.  If successful the Bromley BID will be operational from April 2016 and run for a period of 5 years. 
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