Biggin Hill Airport ‘call in’ agenda published

Published Wednesday, 23 December 2015

The agenda for the council meeting to examine the ‘call in’ application about Biggin Hill Airport has now been published.

The council’s Executive and Resources PDS Committee will now meet on 5 January to examine the ‘call in’ request.  The ‘call in’ request follows the Executive’s decision to grant an extension of operating hours, with stringent conditions and obligations for Biggin Hill Airport.  This followed the meeting of the council’s Executive and a meeting of the full council on Wednesday 25 November. 

A council spokesperson said, “All councils that operate an Executive model of governance are required to have call-in arrangements.  In this instance, the Executive and Resources PDS Committee will need to decide whether to grant the ‘call in’, which would then mean that the Executive would need to examine the ‘call in’ and any rationale behind it.  Alternatively, the Committee could simply dismiss the ‘call in’ request.”   

The spokesperson added, “Although this is not a public meeting, in common with many other council meetings, the meeting is held in public and therefore, members of the public can attend.”  

The ‘call in’ procedure is part of the council’s constitution and allows at least five councillors to request that a decision of the council is reconsidered.  A call in of a decision can take place in the five working days after the draft minutes of a meeting are published.    

View the agenda for the council meeting to examine the ‘call in’ application about Biggin Hill Airport.


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