An impressive approach to safeguarding

Published Tuesday, 22 March 2016

A key priority for the Council is to safeguard elderly and vulnerable adults in the borough.

Part of this is making sure frontline staff are clear about what they should do and we have robust procedures to follow if they are at all worried or concerned about a person’s welfare or are contacted by a resident about their concerns.  To test these safeguarding arrangements the Council requested a formal peer review as part of a wider review of the Early Intervention Service. This was carried out by senior officers from other Councils, under the auspices of the Directors of Adult Social Services.  The review looked at what’s working well and what can be done better. 

Said Councillor Evans, Executive Councillor for Care Services:  

“We all have a responsibility to speak up if we’re concerned about a vulnerable persons’ safety but our frontline staff are uniquely placed to raise the alarm and act on concerns.  As a Council we need to make sure all such staff are given the confidence and tools to do this in the knowledge their concerns will be acted upon with speed. That’s why we ask for this formal peer review to challenge our safeguarding arrangements.  There is no room for complacency but I am delighted a key finding was how impressed the review was with our staff and their commitment to safeguarding.  They recognised and praised the determination of staff to speak out and follow through on their suspicions, describing their approach as ‘impressive’ throughout the whole service. This included the great preventative work of our Trading Standards staff to stop rogue traders preying on vulnerable residents. 

“Safeguarding is an area we must always keep under close review in the fight against abuse, whether it’s financial, physical or emotional.  We will be looking at all the findings carefully and will use them to inform what we do to carry on improving and developing.  However, I would like to take this opportunity to personally thank and recognise our frontline staff for the key role they play.”

“I’d also like to take this opportunity to urge anyone who is worried about an elderly or vulnerable person to get in contact.”

If you have any concerns about an elderly or vulnerable adult’s safety call the Council on 020 8461 7777.  For an out of hour’s emergency call 020 8464 4848.

The Council’s trading standards are also urging people to call their rapid response team if they suspect an older person is the victim of a rogue trader or scam on 07903 852090.