Biggin Hill Airport limited hours decision

Published Wednesday, 25 May 2016

A report outlining Biggin Hill Airport’s response to various conditions that the council stipulated must be agreed before the operating hours could be extended will be considered in June.

The Executive will consider at the June meeting whether all the conditions have been met. If the Executive agree that the conditions have been met, a Deed of Variation to the lease could then be entered into and the operating hours and Noise Action Plan (NAP) proposal would then proceed with the Airport making the necessary arrangements in line with the conditions and NAP. 

“In light of the understandable public interest in this application, the report has been published earlier than procedural requirements dictate so that interested parties have as much notice as possible and can assimilate the detail the report contains” said Councillor Stephen Carr, Leader of Bromley Council.

Councillor Carr added, ”The council has discussed the detail of the airport’s proposal before and the principles that have been established are clear. What we need to do now is examine the Management Information Letter which sets out how the airport will implement their NAP. We also need to be satisfied that the various conditions, which are designed to protect residents' interests, have been met.” 

The news follows an application by the council’s tenant, the airport, in November 2014, to extend the operating hours and introduce a Noise Action Plan along with plans to improve the local economy.


Editor’s notes:

  • The Executive are meeting on Wednesday 15 June at 7pm with the draft report published on the council’s website, with a link to the report available by going to
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