Biggin Hill Airport limited hours decision made

Published Friday, 17 June 2016

Biggin Hill Airport’s response to various conditions stipulated by the council before the operating hours change was approved on Wednesday night.

Biggin Hill Airport’s Management Information Letter (MIL), which sets out how the airport would meet the council’s conditions and introduce their proposed Noise Action Plan (NAP), was discussed at Wednesday’s Executive meeting. The airport will now need to implement the proposed changes, including the implementation of a noise monitoring and track keeping system, before any change in the operating hours can happen. 

“The original Noise Action Plan has been strengthened by the conditions the council imposed and the proposed operating hours have been reduced. We welcome the Airport’s Management Information Letter which sets out how the NAP will be delivered in practice, which is informative both for residents and the council and legally binding” said Councillor Stephen Carr, Leader of Bromley Council. 

Councillor Carr added, “For the first time, as the landlord, the council and residents have noise controls that simply did not exist before, all of which, will be part of the lease and legally enforceable. The council will be monitoring the progress very carefully but now, the airport need to actually deliver what they have proposed before the new hours can be introduced.” 

Together, the NAP and MIL set out the noise envelopes, including the more strictly limited early morning and late evening envelope and the limit on annual movements of 50,000. Also included among the 24 conditions, which includes reviewing the NAP every 5 years are: 

· Control on types of aircraft permitted to use the airport

· Controls on flying training

· Working with existing operators to reduce noise

· Noise monitoring and track keeping system 

The NAP and the MIL can be accessed on this website by visiting

The news follows an application by the council’s tenant, the airport, in November 2014, to extend the operating hours and introduce a Noise Action Plan along with plans to improve the local economy. 


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