Govia Thameslink Rail consultation closes this week

Published Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Amid concerns of the loss of high peak-time rail service from Beckenham and Bromley South, commuters are being reminded to respond to Govia Thameslink Rail timetable consultation.

The Govia Thameslink Rail (GTR) consultation closes at 17.00 on Thursday 8 December, with part of the proposal including the loss of 3 high peak hour Thameslink services from Bromley South and also the loss of Thameslink from Beckenham Junction.

“Although there are some welcome proposals in the 2018 timetable, such as the improved off-peak frequency of services via Bromley South, we are extremely concerned about the potential loss of high peak-time services from Bromley South and Beckenham Junction, which if not replaced by South Eastern would exacerbate the already very uncomfortable overcrowding problems being experienced locally. 

We therefore need and are now officially calling for solid assurances and guarantees that these valued services are not going to be being lost and will of course be resolute in leading objections for Bromley’s travelling public if there is even a scintilla of doubt that this might be the case” said Councillor Colin Smith, Executive Councillor for Environment.

Councillor Smith added, “Residents in Bromley depend on a good rail service for their daily commute and many quite literally, depend on it for their livelihood. Indeed, many people move to Bromley precisely for that reason and its current level of connectivity to London and beyond. Unless we want to see more cars clogging our streets, which would make an absolute nonsense of all recent Government and Mayoral polices on congestion and air quality, it is absolutely essential that the volume and quality of that provision is maintained.”

Further information about the proposals is available from the Thameslink railway website


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