Keston Ponds Leak

Published Thursday, 16 February 2017

Keston ponds leak - February 2017

Motorists are advised to avoid Fishponds Road, Keston as the pond adjacent to the road is leaking.

Fishponds Road is open but with priority boards to guide traffic away from the leak site. The middle pond leak, which fishermen and dog walkers discovered draining through the dam yesterday, is contained by existing sheet piling and Environment Agency has stabilised the leak and restricted further water loss with sand bags.

The council's Civil Engineering contractor AECOM is assessing the damage and design options for a permanent repair, with wildlife believed to be unaffected.

The Friends of Keston Common are taking the opportunity to clear up the area and Keston common and ponds remain open to the public with unrestricted access.

Although Fishponds Road currently remains open to traffic, daily assessments will be carried out which could result in the road being closed until repairs have been completed. Further information will be publicised in due course.