Most primary school applicants in Bromley get their first or second preferences

Published Wednesday, 19 April 2017

More than 93 per cent of those seeking a primary school place in Bromley were offered their first or second choice on this year’s national offer day, Tuesday 18 April.

Demand for school places remains high with Bromley seeing an increase of nearly 300 more children applying for primary places since 2011. The Council has worked over this time with a range of schools to expand numbers to ensure there are sufficient places to meet demand. This year’s cohort of 3887 applicants have all been offered places with 85 per cent achieving their first choice, the highest in Bromley over the same time period.

In all 98.5 per cent received one of their preferences, ahead of the London average of 97 per cent. The small proportion of students who did not receive any of their preferences generally applied for schools outside the advised distance from their homes. They have been offered an alternative school within a reasonable travelling distance.

Executive Member for Education and Children Services, Cllr Peter Fortune said: “I am proud of Bromley’s track record in school admissions which show a consistent improvement over the past seven years in the numbers of children achieving their first preference. We have worked closely with primary schools over the years to increase places and choice for our children. The majority of primary school students in the borough will attend one of their preferred schools and I wish all students a successful start to their education.”  

The figures over the past seven years are as follows: 

Primary Preferences offered for the last 7 years of co-ordination on offer day
2017  2016  2015  2014  2013  2012  2011
 COHORT    3887  4040  3989  4058  3820  3700


 1st  85%  82%  83%  77%  76%  78%  79%
 2nd  8.5%  8%  8%  9%  9%  9%  10%
 3rd  3%  4%   3%   5%  4%  4%  5%
 4th - 6th  2%  3%  4%  4%  6%  5%  3%
 DIRECTED  1.5%  3%  2%  5%  5%  4%  3%


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