Biggin Hill Airport meets conditions in the Deed

Published Thursday, 4 May 2017

The council has confirmed to Biggin Hill Airport Limited that the conditions in the Deed of Variation have been met, which means that the extended hours can start.

This confirmation followed the Executive meeting in June 2016 which resolved that Biggin Hill Airport Limited (BHAL) had satisfied the council’s conditions and that the extended hours would be permitted subject to BHAL entering into a deed.

Installation of the track keeping system was a key condition in the deed and is operating successfully.  As it is now operational the council is contractually obliged to agree the condition has been met. The airport has as is required by the deed provided details of the no fly zones, its scheme of sanctions and a ground action plan. 

As the airport has satisfied the technical requirements of the deed, the revised hours of operation can take effect. Further information is available at