Bromley Council seeks safety reassurance for residents

Published Monday, 19 June 2017

Bromley Council extends its sincerest condolences to everyone affected by the Grenfell Tower fire. Our thoughts are with all those close to the tragedy, and we are keeping in touch with the ongoing investigation to see how we can assist and learn from it.

We do not own housing stock ourselves, so we are working closely with all housing associations to review the health and safety standards in properties where our residents live, both inside and outside the borough. 

We have already received many reassurances from the senior management of these housing associations as they revisit their safety assessments and arrangements, while ensuring advice and guidance for tenants is both relevant and up to date. Clarion Housing, formerly Affinity Sutton, which has a large housing stock, has told us they have set up a central team to answer tenants' questions. They are also currently reviewing their assessments to give additional reassurance. There is information on their website  

Safety is a constant high priority for the council and we work continuously with our partners in the fire brigade and police, as well as housing associations, landlords and others, to make sure we keep on top of safety issues that affect our residents. Currently, we are redoubling our efforts to prioritise flats, tall buildings, and houses of multiple occupancy in light of this tragic incident. There is fire safety advice on the London Fire Brigade‚Äôs website and we have also contacted the London Fire Brigade to see if there is further advice they can give locally.

As more information and guidance becomes available, we will be seeking further reassurance, on behalf of our residents, that everything humanly possible is being done to ensure the safety of those occupying our taller buildings in particular. 

We will issue local updates as further information becomes available. 


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