Waste4fuel clearance principles approved by the Executive

Published Thursday, 20 July 2017

The council has signalled its intention to clear the remaining waste from the former Waste4Fuel site as soon as funds are received from DEFRA.

The Executive agreed on Wednesday that Veolia, the council’s waste management contractor, will now be able to clear the remaining 9,000 tonnes as soon as practically possible when funds are received.  The additional £1.88million needed to clear the site will mean that the total project cost, including securing the land, will be £4.589million.  

“The council has stuck at this determinedly for many months and we have suffered some considerable disappointments along the way, but we pledged from the outset to clear this disgraceful mess away and effect an agreeable outcome for local residents and that promise is thankfully and finally, now within touching distance of being delivered.  

The evening’s Executive decision clears the way for work to recommence immediately the additional promised funding from DEFRA hits the council’s bank account, eliminating any need to then go through these procedural matters at a later date, a further delay to finishing the job.  

I expect to be able to confirm the dates for that clearance shortly, which will be fantastic news for everyone, especially those long suffering nearby local residents, who I continue to be grateful to for their amazing support, patience and understanding as we have picked our way through and eliminated the complex issues involved” said Deputy Leader, Councillor Colin Smith.  

The news follows a temporary pause in the clearance work earlier this year after the discovery of technically contaminated waste material in a seam of rubbish towards the bottom of the stack, combusted/melted plastics and heavier based carbon materials.  This has meant that the remaining waste needs to be disposed of in a more carefully managed way, with higher resulting processing costs.  

To date, around 18,000 tonnes have already been removed, with the revised estimated total being 27,000 tonnes.  It is anticipated that the remaining 9,000 tonnes will take approximately 2 months to clear from when Veolia ‘start on site’. 

The site in Cornwall Drive, located near to housing and the A20 Sidcup By Pass, is an exceptional case and has been the scene of repeated fires.  The continuing fire risk will be removed following the final phase of clearance work and will also address the long-running concern and nuisance experienced by local residents. 


For media enquiries, please contact Andrew Rogers, Communications Executive, on 020 8461 7670 or email andrew.rogers@bromley.gov.uk