Five more Blue Badge misuse prosecutions follow crackdown

Published Wednesday, 2 August 2017

Five more drivers have been prosecuted and ordered to pay fines totalling £5,779 including court costs and surcharges after they were caught displaying a Blue Badge that they were not entitled to use.

The convictions followed investigations linked to offences which took place between October 2016 and March this year.  Since January 2016, Bromley Council has successfully prosecuted a total of forty-two cases of Blue Badge misuse.  

Councillor Colin Smith, Executive Councillor for Environment said, “Bromley’s zero tolerance policy on Blue Badge misuse continues apace with Traffic Wardens routinely carrying out blue badge checks across the borough every single day of the week.   

Yet again, I can only remind and warn all blue badge cheats out there that it isn’t a question of if you get caught, only when.  The message therefore remains very straight forward. If you do decide to cheat, you will get caught, you will face prosecution and you will end up with a criminal record if found guilty with all the implications that awkward blemish carries with it.  Don’t do it”  

All five drivers who recently appeared in court were found guilty.  Ms Nyree Hutchins from Croydon used a Blue Badge to park in a pay and display bay in Elmfield Road, Bromley.  An officer on duty in the area raised an alert after noticing a pensioner’s Blue Badge on display in a customised vehicle with racing type seats.  It was discovered that the badge holder was at home at the time.   

Mr Thewarobinson Thevarasa from London parked for 45 minutes outside a shop in Widmore Road, Bromley, to run a personal errand. He displayed a Blue Badge that he was not entitled to use and although the badge holder returned to the vehicle some time later, the judge concluded it was clear that he had used the badge for his own benefit.  

Mr Rafal Ludwa from Canterbury parked in Fyfe Way, Bromley, with a stolen Blue Badge on display.  Mr Ludwa gave several conflicting accounts as his reasons for displaying the badge.  The judge commented that it was not possible that all the accounts could be true.  

Mr Lee Sheung Yee from London was caught when he returned to his parked vehicle in Church Road, Bromley.  The badge on display was confiscated prompting an investigation after it was established that the badge holder had passed away.  

Another driver from Chislehurst who used a Blue Badge in the absence of the badge holder failed to attend court for trial.  The trial which had already been adjourned previously went ahead in the driver’s absence.  

Blue Badge misuse is a criminal offence which can lead to a £1,000 fine and confiscation of the badge.  Anyone who suspects that a blue badge is being used for the benefit of a person who is not the badge holder can report their concerns at:



  • Ms Nyree Hutchins of Cator Crescent, Croydon, attended Bromley Magistrates Court on 22nd May.   She was fined £300 plus £300 costs and a £30 victim surcharge.
  • Mr Thewarobinson Thevarasa of Southend Lane, London, attended Bexley Magistrates Court on 3rd July after his previous court hearing was adjourned. He was ordered to pay a £500 fine, plus £1,000 costs and a £50 victim surcharge. 
  • Mr Rafal Ludwa of Field Avenue, Canterbury, attended Bromley Magistrates Court on 16th June and was ordered to pay a fine of £350, plus £700 court costs and a £35 victim surcharge.
  • Mr Li Sheung Yee of Palace Square, London, attended Bromley Magistrates Court on 14th June, and was ordered to pay a fine of £300, court costs of £300 and a £30 victim surcharge. 
  • Another driver from Chislehurst was fined £440 at Bromley Magistrates Court on 16 June and ordered to pay £1,400 court costs and a £44 victim surcharge. 

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