Nurseries remaining open

Published Friday, 29 September 2017

A nursery in Penge and another nursery in Orpington will remain open, it was confirmed at a council meeting on Monday night.

The two nurseries, Community Vision Nursery and Blenheim Nursery will both remain open following the outcome of consultation which was conducted in the summer.

The decision to keep the nurseries open was one of the three options that were identified at the start of the consultation process.

Councillor Peter Fortune, Executive Councillor for Education, Children and Families said, "I am pleased to confirm that these popular nurseries are staying open and this makes absolute sense, especially in light of the feedback from the consultation but also because of other factors, including the need for nursery places for instance."

Councillor Fortune added, "When looking at the longer term future of both nurseries, it was right to consider all the options, which the consultation allowed us to do. Now we are focussing on formulating plans to ensure that both nurseries will be viable sustainable over the long term."