Connecting Bromley helps bring people together

Published Thursday, 21 December 2017

In the run up to Christmas there is always a focus on family and friends, but not everyone is lucky enough to have this support around them.

Bromley is running the Connecting Bromley campaign to reach people who are isolated or lonely. This includes people with disabilities or health issues as well as the elderly. Change in people’s lives such as parenthood, divorce, bereavement or moving to a new area can also make people feel on their own and out of touch with their community.  We need everyone’s help to reach people in these situations as, in the long term, it can affect their health and make them vulnerable to scams.

What you can do

Do you know someone who cannot get out and would like some regular contact over the phone or through volunteers who can visit their home?  Or someone who would like to find out what activities are happening in their area.  Maybe this is a neighbour, family member or friend. 

  • Visit Connecting Bromley on Bromley MyLife and use the information there to share information on befriending schemes where contact is made in person, over the phone or online as well as local transport services to help people get out and about.

  • Show them the different activities and groups for all ages and interests taking place in their neighbourhood using the searchable directory including special events.

  • Do you have time for volunteering yourself?  If so, look at opportunities available in Bromley.

Councillor Diane Smith, Executive Member for Adult Care Services and Public Health said: “Many of us are looking forward to having friends and family around us over the festive season, but to others this is a time of loneliness and despondency. Bromley Council’s Connecting Bromley initiative seeks to galvanise people to help encourage those who are lonely and isolated to see what is available or to volunteer themselves to make the lives of others that much better - and not just at Christmas.”

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