Bromley’s support to keep adults independent rated ‘good’ by CQC

Published Wednesday, 6 June 2018

Bromley’s ‘Re-ablement’ Service has been given an overall ‘good’ rating by the Care Quality Commission (CQC) – the independent regulator of health and social care in England.

The service is a short term programme which offers rehabilitation to Bromley residents for up to six weeks following illness, injury or admission into hospital. It rebuilds people’s confidence and offers practical support to help people live independently again in their own homes. 

Cllr Diane Smith Executive Member for Adult Care and Health said: “We are delighted that the quality of this service has been recognised by the CQC. One of our stated priorities is to ensure that people can live as full and independent lives as possible in their own homes. This service supports people where there has been an interruption to this through illness or a stay in hospital. With the right support after a setback most people quickly get their confidence back and can continue living their lives as fully as possible.”

The CQC inspection was conducted on 2 May with just two days’ notice given to the council. The inspector spoke to the registered manager as well as senior officers, members of staff and also visited people in their homes to get their views as well as talking to relatives about the service. Overall the inspector found the service, safe, effective, caring, responsive and well-led and recorded a judgement of ‘good’ for all these areas. 

People told the inspector that staff ‘knew them well and knew what they needed help with’, which led them to believe that the staff were well trained. People were consulted about the support provided and they ‘received care that met their needs’. Medicines were managed appropriately and people received these as prescribed by health professionals. The service had safeguarding procedures in place and staff clearly understood these procedures. 

Other feedback given to the inspector by those receiving this service included: “I am very grateful for what they do for me”, “the staff come when they are supposed to” and “they can be flexible too when I need them to be.”

Cllr Diane Smith added: “Whilst the whole team is naturally delighted with the CQC’s assessment of ‘good’, we aspire to provide an ‘outstanding’ service, despite the extremely challenging financial climate councils are forced to manage within.

“That remains the focus and objective of everybody who works in Bromley’s Re-ablement Service by the time of our next assessment.”