Dedicated Police response team for Bromley welcomed

Published Thursday, 9 August 2018

News that London’s largest borough will continue to have a dedicated emergency police response team following the proposed merger of the Metropolitan Police basic command units is being welcomed.

The welcome news follows consultation about the decision to merge the Metropolitan Police basic command units (BCU) of Bromley with the boroughs of Croydon and Sutton and concerns about safety being compromised.

“This news is very welcome.  We have been relentless in raising our concerns about the proposed merger and those of residents too, and we are pleased to have achieved this successful outcome.  The sheer scale and size of our borough meant that a dedicated Police response team for our borough was always the best option and this is what is now happening.  Bromley remains a safe borough compared to many other London boroughs and we are committed to working with the Police and the wider Safer Bromley partnership, including residents, to make sure that Bromley continues to be a low crime borough” said Councillor Kate Lymer, Executive Councillor for Public Protection and Enforcement.

Chief Superintendent Jeff Boothe, Metropolitan Police South Area BCU Commander said, “There is still much work to be done before the BCU structure goes live early next year but many of the elements are already in place.  I am proud of the good work currently going on across the borough and I am optimistic that by working as closely together as we can, including with residents, and by managing the resources as best that we can, we’ll continue to have a positive impact.  In addition to the dedicated emergency response team for the borough as a whole, each ward will also continue to have dedicated ward officers, who will tackle local priorities, all of which gives me optimism for the future.”

News that the current 32 borough policing model will be reduced to 12 Basic Command Units (BCU) made up of two or three/four boroughs was confirmed earlier this year, in February 2018.


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