Recycling at Christmas

Published Friday, 21 December 2018

In the run up to Christmas, residents are being reminded to use the 42 street recycling banks responsibly and not to leave waste if containers are full or use during unsociable hours.

Street recycling banks are scheduled to be emptied more frequently over the festive season as there will be extra items to get rid of like wrapping paper, boxes and bottles. If a container is ‘full’, even after checking the opening the other side for space, recycling must not be left on the ground at the base of it or anywhere nearby. This is not only anti-social behavior, it’s technically fly-tipping and forms part of our ‘Fly-tippers – we’re watching you’ campaign. Leaving recycling in this way encourages others to do the same, it’s messy for council contractors to clear up, and as it can’t be recycled, it goes to landfill.

“Christmas is a busy time for everyone which is why we’re making sure street recycling banks are emptied more regularly during this period. If you find a container that appears full, always check the opening on the other side as there still might be space inside. If there isn’t, please don’t leave it as we can’t recycle items that are not in containers. The best thing to do is take it another recycling bank but there are plenty of other choices too, with details on our website or pop back in a few days” said Councillor William Huntington-Thresher, Executive Councillor for Environment.

Apart from street recycling banks, residents can go to the reuse and recycling centres at Waldo Road, Bromley and Churchfields Road, Beckenham. Many other materials can also be recycled there, including big and small electricals (e.g. broken Christmas light chains), wood, shoes, clothes and textiles, printer cartridges, low-energy and fluorescent light bulbs.

Recycling facilities are expected to be in high demand over Christmas and the New Year and anyone thinking of a clear-out is advised to do it now for ease.

For more information on recycling and the options available, visit Details about waste collection arrangements over Christmas and the New Year is available at


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