Council tax rises, but still lower than inflation over the period of austerity

Published Tuesday, 26 February 2019

Bromley Council’s balanced budget for 2019-20 recommended by the Executive on 13 February was agreed at Full Council on Monday 25 February 2019.

Bromley residents will see an increase of 5.79 per cent in their council tax bills. This is made up of an increase of 2.99 per cent on the Bromley element of the council tax, plus a 2 per cent adult social care precept to address cost pressures in this area. Adding in the Mayor of London’s GLA precept which has increased by 8.93 per cent, this results in the headline figure increase of 5.79 per cent which equates to £84.06 a year at Band D. Other Bands are calculated pro rata. 

Bromley Council Leader Cllr Colin Smith said: “The extent of the 2019-20 council tax rise is deeply regrettable. This is most emphatically not something that any of my colleagues or I wished to see happen.

“Whilst many councils both in London and around the country find themselves in a similar bind as a result of Central Government’s continuing programme of financial cuts to local councils’ budgets, in ‘Outer London’ in particular, the discredited funding formula still being used to disperse what is still available, is quite simply no longer enough to get the job done as effectively as anyone would prefer to see happen.

“Bromley’s government funding remains amongst the very lowest per person across London, despite tireless lobbying for a fairer deal over a number of years. Do please rest assured that particular conversation is continuing unabated!

“More positively, over the next few years, we must also look for further ways to work together with partner organisations and residents, and come to terms with how to maintain current services and manage growing demand with even less money. 

“That will clearly prove to be no easy challenge, but we are committed and focussed to delivering that difficult outcome for local residents and that work is underway.

“It also remains the case that we have continued to keep council tax rises below rising levels of inflation over the period of austerity from 2010 onwards and that remains our firm ambition moving forward.

“In light of the totally unprecedented funding pressures that continue across local government, I hope that residents will understand the need and context for this year’s council tax increase.”

 How much will I pay?

Council Tax in Bromley 2019/20
Property Band Property Value 1/4/91 Council/GLA split Bromley GLA Council Tax 2019/20  Council Tax 2018/19
£.p   £.p £.p  £.p
A up to £40,000  810.84 213.67 1,024.51 968.47
£40,001 to £52,000 945.98 249.29 1,195.27 1,129.89
C £52,001 to £68,000 1081.12 284.90 1,366.02 1,291.30
£68,001 to £88,000  1,216.26 320.51 1,536.77 1,452.71
E £88,001 to £120,000  1,486.54 391.73 1,878.27 1,775.53
F £120,001 to£160,000 1,756.82 462.96 2,219.78 2,098.36
G £160,001 to £320,000 2,027.10 534.18 2,561.28 2,421.18
H more than £320,000 2,432.52 641.02 3,073.54 2,905.42

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