More children get preferred secondary school places in Bromley than ever, despite rise in demand

Published Friday, 1 March 2019

Bromley is bucking the trend by providing an increase in preferred secondary school places, despite a significant rise in applications.

Ninety-six per cent of children in Bromley have been offered a place at one of their preferred schools for September, with 91 per cent getting one of their top three choices. This is well ahead of the London average of 92 per cent and 86 per cent respectively. In Bromley 73 per cent achieved their first preference which compares very favourably with 66 per cent in London overall. This is against a background of an increase in applications of 80 places over last year and the acknowledged challenges of school place planning across London as demand increases.

The good news comes following figures released by the Pan London Admissions Board on National Offer Day, Friday 1 March. The increased pressure for secondary school places across London is being experienced as the demand transfers from primary to secondary schools. The small number of applicants who did not receive any of their six preferences have been offered alternative schools, meaning that all on-time applicants to Bromley schools have received a place.

Cllr Peter Fortune, Executive Member for Children and Families said: ”I am absolutely delighted that Bromley has been able to improve on what were already very impressive figures last year, despite a significant increase in demand. Even more young people will get one of their preferences than last year with a very pleasing proportion getting one of their top three choices; much higher than the London average.

“We continue to work hard behind the scenes to meet the demanding challenges of providing sufficient school places to meet increasing demand so that year-in-year-out we are able to offer every on-time applicant a school place.

“We’re incredibly proud of our young people and the quality of the education they receive in Bromley. Best of luck to all those transferring to secondary school in September and I look forward to hearing about their achievements in the future.”


Note to editors:

The figures for Bromley secondary school on-time applications are as follows:

Preferred place 96%

One of 1st three

preferred places 91%

1st preference 73%

2nd preference 13%

3rd preference 5%

4-6th preference 5%

Directed 4%