Star Lane closed in anti fly-tip operation

Published Friday, 1 March 2019

Star Lane, St Mary Cray is closed from today as part of an ongoing borough-wide anti fly-tip initiative.

Star Lane, St Mary Cray is closed from today as part of an ongoing borough-wide anti fly-tip initiative.

Concrete blocks are being installed to close the lane, preventing vehicular access to deter fly-tipping in an area which has become known for this type of anti-social behaviour. Surrounding roads will be monitored to ensure the problem isn’t displaced following the temporary closure of Star Lane.

“Fly-tipping is not welcome in this borough so we are using everything at our disposal to tackle this ongoing problem, including prosecutions. Fly-tipping is dangerous, especially for drivers in country lanes where the road can be totally blocked by dumped rubbish. CCTV is part of the solution but does not necessarily deter ruthless fly-tippers particularly where bends in the road can reduce CCTV effectiveness. Closing the road might seem a drastic solution but we’ve done it before elsewhere so we know it can be successful,” said Councillor Kate Lymer, Executive Councillor for Public Protection and Enforcement.

The temporary road closure order, which will be in place for 18 months, enables the council to keep the road closed for this length of time. The road closure could take effect at any time during this period although the duration might vary, so it could be closed several times during the 18-month time-frame.

Star Lane has become a known spot for ruthless fly-tippers, including illegal waste carriers making a profit out of dumping the waste and avoiding paying disposal costs. Last year the amount of flytipped waste collected from in and around the Star Lane area increased by 72%, with 740 tonnes collected in 2018, compared to 429 tonnes collected in 2017 whereas the rest of the Borough remained broadly similar.  While the Star Lane temporary road closure is in force, other roads nearby will be closely monitored, and anyone caught fly-tipping risks a £400 Fixed Penalty Notice, vehicle seizure or court prosecution for example.

A range of methods are used to find and deter fly-tippers including CCTV surveillance, vehicle ‘stop and search’ operations and seizing vehicles from those known to be involved in fly-tipping and from those unable to prove they are legitimate waste carriers. Our campaign ‘Fly-tippers - we’re watching you’ aims to tackle all forms of fly-tipping – from a small bag of rubbish left on the street to a lorry load of construction waste dumped in a green space.  

Residents are warned that they have a duty of care and are responsible for what happens to their waste. They could be liable for a substantial fine if the fly-tipped waste is traced back to them. The advice is to always use legitimate waste carriers who will be able to provide a registration number which should be validated against the Environment Agency’s live database. Also, businesses and companies should always ask a waste carrier for a waste transfer note to show the type of waste and what will happen to it.

Every time a person removes a resident’s unwanted goods or waste they must check they’re using a genuine, registered Environment Agency waste carrier. Residents are strongly advised not to use ‘cold callers’ to remove their waste or unwanted goods. If they need an old fridge / freezer, washing machine or other white goods removed and disposed, they are advised to arrange this through the retailer which is often cheaper than the Council’s bulky waste service.

Fly-tipping witnesses should call the police straightaway and report the details to the council at As a ‘thank you’, up to £500 from the Envirocrime Reward Scheme is available to anyone whose evidence is used to successfully prosecute offenders. A description of the offender, vehicle registration, photograph or any other detailed information could be used as evidence and may enable the council to prosecute.

The advice is to report fly-tipping and dumped rubbish, for removal only, easily and quickly online at Dumped rubbish is cleared from the public highway by council contractors usually within five working days of being reported, depending on the quantity involved and location. In some instances, arrangements may need to be made for a special vehicle to remove large-scale fly-tips.

Various types of waste including household, garden, demolition and construction waste is accepted all year round at the council’s reuse and recycling centres at Waldo Road and Churchfields Road. Anyone with garden waste to dispose of may become a member of the council’s garden waste collection service for an annual subscription of £60.

Find or check waste carriers on the council’s website by searching or call the Environment Agency hotline 03708 506 506. For more information and advice on all types of waste disposal, visit


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