Bromley launches childcare deposit loan scheme for staff

Published Thursday, 21 March 2019

Bromley is to become one of only five authorities in London to introduce a childcare deposit loan scheme for employees, leading the way in creating family friendly initiatives to improve access to the work place.

The new interest-free loan scheme is designed to help working parents cover the up-front costs of childcare provision and support employees in returning to work.

Cllr Graham Arthur, Portfolio Holder for Resources, Commissioning and Contract Management, said: “We know that childcare costs can be a barrier to entering the workplace, I am therefore delighted that we will be addressing this in Bromley Council by introducing a childcare deposit loan scheme to help working families.”

The scheme was agreed at the General Purposes and Licensing Committee on 19 March, after which the Chairman, Cllr Pauline Tunnicliffe commented: “This is a great initiative that helps enable parents to work. The loan is used to secure a childcare place and will be paid back from staff salaries. Childcare is a factor in staff recruitment and retention and this new initiative will complement the council’s flexible work/life balance culture.