Anti-idling campaign set to be launched

Published Thursday, 20 June 2019

Motorists who leave their engine running whilst parked will soon be asked to stop doing so as part of a campaign to encourage drivers to stop ‘idling’.

The anti-idling campaign is primarily being developed to offer advice and education, targeting those areas of greatest risk, around schools for instance, with schools and parents expected to support the initiative. The news of the anti-idling project follows research that particulate concentrations around an idling diesel car were on average 2.6 times higher than ambient levels and higher at children’s head height.  The campaign could also see enforcement action taken against drivers who continue to leave their engine running, however this is only expected to follow if the key elements of the campaign of good education and understanding have not delivered a change in behaviour. 

“Leaving a vehicle engine on whilst it is parked is not acceptable and never has been but we are increasingly aware of the need to take action where we can.  We need to highlight this important issue and are asking all motorists to support us.    Vehicle manufacturers have understood the positive impact on our environment that stopping an engine can have in queuing traffic for example which is why we have seen the introduction of stop start technology. A number of parents have already approached the council looking to support for local campaigns outside their children’s schools.” said Councillor William Huntington-Thresher, Executive Councillor for Environment.

The council’s recently published third Local Implementation Plan (LIP3) which sets out the council’s proposals for transport between now and 2041 recognises that idling vehicles are an unnecessary source for emissions. The anti-idling campaign fulfils one of the LIP3’s commitments, with the public consultation for the LIP3 also showing 73% of respondents supporting (or strongly supporting) the borough’s proposals for to tackle idling vehicles.  The council’s campaign is part of a London wide campaign, with 27 London Boroughs taking up the campaign, with funding from the Mayor of London’s Air Quality Fund.


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