Net Zero Carbon Emissions by 2029

Published Tuesday, 16 July 2019

The ambition to have a ten year plan to ensure that the council will have net zero emissions by 2029 was unanimously approved following a Council Motion on Monday.

The commitment is one of the most ambitious targets of any London borough and underlines the council’s proud clean and green image including continuing work and investment to reduce its direct emissions.  Work to move towards the net zero emission target will include tree planting, an energy efficiency programme, expanding renewable energy and LED street lighting, and other initiatives.  These initiatives will also be included in the council’s Carbon Management Programme (CMP) which commenced in 2008, with the most recent 5-year programme CMP2 achieving a 33% reduction in council emissions against a 2013 baseline*

The council wide work will also be part of the Environment and Community Services Portfolio, being formally included in the Portfolio Plan. 

Councillor Will Harmer, Chairman of Environment and Community PDS Committee, who proposed the Motion, said, “This ambitious target to have net zero carbon emissions by 2029 cements Bromley Council as a leading authority in tackling carbon emissions. I am excited about what we can achieve and the impact we will have. We will be truly leaving our borough in a better state both financially and environmentally for future generations. I hope other authorities follow our lead.”

Councillor William Huntington-Thresher, Executive Councillor for Environment and Community Services said, “The council already has a track record of strong decisive financially positive environmental action and is signalling its intent to look even more closely at what can be done.   Residents can play their part too by recycling as much as possible, with our record already a London leading one thanks to existing support from residents.  Residents might be interested to know though that ensuring food waste is recycled is by far the best disposal option from a CO2 perspective, reducing emissions by over 98% in comparison to landfill which is another example of why this is food for thought.”

The full amended motion, proposed by Councillor Will Harmer, Chairman of Environment and Community PDS Committee and seconded by Councillor Kieran Terry, Deputy Chairman of Environment and Community PDS Committee reads “This council welcomes the Government's decision that the UK will have net zero carbon emissions by 2050. With its tree planting, energy efficiency programme, LED street lighting investment and other initiatives the Council has already been reducing its net emissions. This council confirms its intention that direct council activities will have net zero emissions within ten years (2029). The Portfolio Holder is strongly encouraged to include this commitment in the Environment and Community Services Portfolio Plan and council also requests that annual reports are provided to the Environment and Community Services PDS."

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Editor's notes:

 * Bromley’s first Carbon Management Programme (CMP1) operated from 2008/09 – 2012/13 and resulted in a 14% reduction in the Council’s greenhouse gas emissions.  CMP2 (2013/14 – 2017/18) achieved a 33% reduction against a 2013 baseline, well above the 15% target.

The tonnage of food waste separate collected in Bromley in 2018/19 was 9,272 tonnes. Using the 2019 Department of Environment, Food and Rural Affairs greenhouse gas conversion factors to provide a comparison of the carbon dioxide emissions generated by landfill and anaerobic digestion; 5813.17 tCO2eq emitted from landfill of 9,272 tonnes of food waste in comparison to 94.61 tCO2eq emitted from Anaerobic Digestion from 9,272 tonnes of food waste.

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