New traffic signal junction at Red Lodge Road, West Wickham

Published Friday, 18 October 2019

Cyclists, drivers and pedestrians are benefitting from a new traffic signal junction at Red Lodge Road, West Wickham.

The new system of traffic signal design means that the controller ‘detects’ changing road use and adjusts the traffic signal phase accordingly. New cycle paths have also be introduced while cyclists and drivers are warned that Advanced Cycle Stop Lines (ASLs) on Station Road and Beckenham Road have been removed, with cyclists needing to observe the stop lines at the traffic lights when they re-enter the road.

Councillor William Huntington-Thresher, Executive Councillor for Environment and Community Services said, “The improvements will assist all concerned. This new traffic junction will undoubtedly improve road safety, particularly to vulnerable road users, traffic flow will also improve and delays will be reduced.”

The new system of traffic signal design is already operational at various locations across London but will be the first to be installed in Bromley. The traffic signal controller detects the traffic conditions and allocates the most appropriate traffic signal phase to fit the circumstances. 

Cyclists on the main road must obey vehicular traffic signals and not move at the same time as cyclists using the cycle paths on the footways. The cycle paths on the footway should be used by cyclists travelling straight ahead or turning left via the footway cycle track. 

Cyclists on the cycle path will share the same green time with pedestrians crossing on all arms of the junction. However, they will get a red signal at the internal cycle stop line at the crossing point in Beckenham Road and Station Road, which will protect pedestrians crossing. Cyclists will then get a green signal a few seconds before vehicles behind start moving, giving the cyclists a head-start while removing any potential conflict.

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Editor’s note: Traffic engineers and road safety officers will be on site, at various times during the day, to ensure that cyclists are using the facilities safely.

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