Bakerloo extension to Hayes will be challenged

Published Friday, 18 October 2019

A proposed extension of the Bakerloo line to Hayes will again be challenged by Bromley Council in its response to TfL’s latest consultation.

An extension of the Bakerloo line as far as Lewisham continues to be supported, with Bromley Council’s position unchanged since the 2014 consultation arguing strongly for additional capacity and connectivity for Bromley town centre instead.

Councillor Colin Smith, Leader of Bromley Council said, “Whilst we remain strongly supportive of the extension to Lewisham, mindful of the opportunities this will bring to the sub-region, it is extremely disappointing to put it mildly to have to respond to yet another consultation about extending the Bakerloo Line to Hayes when this has already been resoundingly rejected and TfL have been briefed to that effect.

Councillor Smith continued, “What we need is extra capacity and connectivity for Bromley town centre rather than unnecessary alternatives at great cost to what is already a perfectly satisfactory line, scheduled to improve further still in the next few years when new services to Victoria, via Denmark Hill commence, providing direct access to Kings Hospital and the West End for those wishing to access either.  

The TfL proposal would also deny direct access to London termini to a vast swathe of Bromley residents living along the Hayes Line corridor, with long established commuting patterns, many of whom have purchased their houses locally at great expense to do precisely that.”


Editor’s notes: The council’s Third Local Implementation Plan, published earlier this year, following consultation, outlines Bromley’s transport policies, including the need for additional infrastructure in Bromley town centre. 

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