COVID-19 Statement from the Leader of Bromley Council

Published Monday, 23 March 2020

In response to the large number of volunteers responding to the call to help those in isolation, Councillor Colin Smith, the Leader of Bromley Council has made the following statement.

May I start by saying what an extraordinary borough we are all privileged to live in.

The response from willing volunteers who have signed up in recent days to assist other local residents in their time of coming need as the Covid crisis and social isolation begin to close in has been absolutely astounding.

With over 2600 people now signed up to do their bit for the greater good in addition to numerous road and neighbourhood groups who have already formed and are committed to ‘looking after their own’, we are in a far, far better position than most.

To those volunteers, in addition to saying thank you for your selflessness, could I just please reassure you that your skills sets such as being able to drive, and qualifications such as the ability to work with vulnerable adults and children have been busily sorted in recent days and you will be getting your call up papers soon !

If anybody else has only just heard of the council’s initiative and wants to help themselves, please sign up to help.

As many hands make light work for everyone else and there is likely to be lots of it to go around.

To anybody who the council doesn’t reach back out to immediately, could you please remain on standby, whilst continuing to make your contribution locally by keeping a look out for those living nearby in vulnerable groups,  always of course,  by scrupulously following the government’s social distancing criteria.

Please also use the website if you find yourself in need of practical assistance without friends, family or neighbours living nearby to call upon, to enable the council to try and match you up with the necessary support.

If I could perhaps add one extra plea at this time it would be this.

I am sure that many of you will have been as utterly sickened as I have been in recent days by the selfish, greedy and thoroughly anti-social behaviour being displayed by far too many people in our local shops.

If you are one of them, for goodness sake please, please get a grip, take a hard look at yourself in the mirror and desist from doing so again.

Your behaviour is causing others less able than you significant avoidable misery, and in extremis you are directly threatening their health by causing them to visit more shops, at greater exposure to gather the necessary commodities they need to get by  with their day to day lives.

Supplies aren’t going to run out. So please stop hoarding.

But to end on a brighter note at a difficult time in all of our lives, and as I’ve mentioned previously elsewhere as well. Thank those of you who have stepped forward to volunteer very much indeed, not only what you have done so far, but for what you are poised to contribute over coming weeks and perhaps even months as well.

Things are not going to be easy at times, far from it, but we must never lose sight of the fact that this difficult period will pass and if we stick together and fight as relentlessly for our friends, families and neighbours as I know we will, we can and will emerge from this crisis all the stronger as a community when happier days return as they will.

Kind regards

Councillor Colin Smith

Leader of Bromley Council.


For media enquiries, please contact Andrew Rogers, Communications Executive, on 020 8461 7670 or email