Mayor sends appreciation for dedication during the pandemic

Published Thursday, 7 May 2020

Bromley’s Mayor is sending out a heartfelt message of thanks to organisations and their staff that have shown dedication in serving the community during the coronavirus pandemic.

Councillor Nicholas Bennett, JP has launched a special ‘Certificate of Thanks and Appreciation’ which will be sent to a wide variety of organisations including care homes and GPs’ surgeries across the borough. Letters of appreciation from local councillors with the Mayor’s certificate have already been delivered to shops and businesses in West Wickham and other locations.

The certificate praises the selflessness of those who have put themselves at risk of infection to maintain essential services and expresses hope that, long after this emergency is over, they will look back with pride and satisfaction on the part they played in maintaining the vital fabric of our society.

The Mayor said: This national crisis has shown just how inter-connected is our community.

Not only do we give our heartfelt thanks to all in our health and care services, but also realise just how much the fabric of our society relies on the work of thousands of people throughout the borough who have been on the front line serving us all.

From the corner shop to the supermarket, the delivery drivers, postal staff, bus workers, taxi drivers and the myriad of other people who have kept our services running, I thank them all on behalf of every resident.

We thank, also those who, sometimes under difficult conditions, by working from home have also maintained key services.”

A video message from the Mayor is on the council’s Covid-19 page:


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