A message from the Leader of the Council

Published Thursday, 7 May 2020

The following open letter is the lead article in Bromley Council’s Update e-newsletter.

Dear Residents,

It has been an incredibly busy month at the Civic Centre, despite the 'lockdown', as the council shaped its recovery from the initial jolt of 'self-isolation'. A month we can all look back on with some pride as residents of our borough as well I feel.

With a remarkable 4274 people stepping forward to volunteer to assist those needing help, working in close partnership with Community Links Bromley we are now matching requests for assistance within 24 hours and I would like to thank every single one of them again for their selfless contributions.

Though we have not needed to call on everyone yet, we are hugely grateful for being able to have you on stand-by for when others need a break or go back to work as restrictions are lifted.

As a council, we remain absolutely focused on harnessing this wave of goodwill moving to the future for the benefit of all.

On Monday of this week, we became the first borough in London to re-open our Household Waste and Recycling Centres by innovatively adapting a booking system to ensure social distancing could be maintained, a system which seems to be working well and to positive critical acclaim.

Looking forward, whilst it is really sad to have seen so many well laid plans for the VE Day commemorations scuppered by the wretched Covid-19 virus, I say we should all follow the Royal British Legion's advice and make the most of it in our own way anyway.

When you look back and consider the suffering and sacrifices made by that generation over a six year period, it perhaps puts into context the last six weeks or so, sad and difficult as they have been and remain for us all. We owe them everything and should never forget.

Tomorrow also sees the second visit of the Covid-19 Testing Centre for key workers at Norman Park.

There is also further positive news that the Green Garden Waste Satellite sites will be reopening for the next three weekends, to take pressure off of Churchfields and Waldo Road, so please use them if you are able to as well.

But above all else, there is now a genuine hope and real belief that we might be standing at the very edge of a partial lifting of the 'lockdown'.

Let's hope so, but also please be careful not to take any unnecessary risks until we are sure.

It's been far too long and painful a journey to take any short cuts now, please stay safe and take care.

Councillor Colin Smith

Bromley Council Leader

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