Norman Park (Hayes Lane entrance) car park temporarily closed to support Covid testing programme

Published Saturday, 23 May 2020

A mobile coronavirus testing facility is again being established in the Norman Park car park accessible via Hayes Lane from tomorrow morning, Sunday 24 May.

Permission to use the car park has been given by the council in support the government’s testing programme, with the army testing facility in operation on Sunday and bank holiday Monday.  The same location has been used as a testing facility previously, with the park remaining open and only the car park being closed and used for testing. Suitable signage confirming the new arrangements will be erected as needed, with pedestrian access to the park remaining unchanged.

A Bromley Council spokesman said, “Testing is a key strand to reducing the spread of tackling the coronavirus and reducing the spread of infection.  We will continue to support the government testing work in this way and are pleased to make the car park available again to support the government’s testing programme.  In line with our previous commitment, we wanted to alert members of the public to what is going on and we thank them for their anticipated continued support and understanding.” 

In addition to the temporary closure of the car park, the recycling banks in the car park are also temporarily out of use whilst the army operated mobile testing facility is in operation.


Editor’s notes: Details about getting test for Coronavirus (COVID-19) are available on the government website

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