Tackling loneliness - join the virtual event

Published Tuesday, 16 June 2020

Residents and voluntary groups are all invited to join a virtual online conference event this Friday, 19 June at 2pm.

This event is part of Bromley council’s mission to tackle loneliness and social isolation in the borough.

During the pandemic, the issue of loneliness and social isolation has probably affected more homes than before, with this serious issue continuing.  To attend virtually, visit www.bromley.gov.uk/councilmeetingslive on Friday from 2pm – 3pm, with questions able to be submitted in advance by email to Aisha.Cuthbert@bromley.gov.uk.

Last year the council’s tackling loneliness project was launched during national loneliness awareness week, with the follow up event also in national loneliness week.  Over a hundred delegates from organisations covering areas such as health, leisure and the voluntary sector attended last years ‘Tackling Loneliness Together’ summit at the Civic Centre.  Since then, a number of projects and groups have supported the project in many ways - whether that’s starting a local coffee morning, local residents associations reaching out to vulnerable residents or local charities doing more to advertise their services and programmes.  This year’s conference will share some of the news as to what is happening.

Councillor Aisha Cuthbert, Executive Assistant to the Leader of the Council, who is organising the conference said, “The coronavirus pandemic has highlighted how we all need to be connected and how debilitating loneliness and isolation can be.  Thousands of volunteers responded to the council’s call to help meet the need for assistance and many residents were already reaching out prior to this to help tackle loneliness in their own situation, which has been amazing.  We want to share something of the good work that is going on and help spread the word as we all have a part to play in this and to everyone who is doing this, thank you as you are helping make a difference.  See you soon!”

To attend the digital loneliness conference event, visit www.bromley.gov.uk/councilmeetings live on Friday 19 June at 2pm.  Speaking at the conference will be representatives from organisations in Bromley, including Magpie Dance Company, Clarion and Community Links Bromley. Many groups across the borough have worked to deliver their services online and through digital platforms to ensure they can still reach out to Bromley residents and make a real difference and some of this experience will be shared on Friday. 


For media enquiries, please contact Andrew Rogers, Communications Executive on 020 8461 7670 or email andrew.rogers@bromley.gov.uk