A message from the Leader of the Council

Published Friday, 28 August 2020

The following open letter is the lead article in Bromley Council’s Update e-newsletter.

Dear Residents,

Please stay alert – the battle isn’t over yet

I very much hope that this newsletter reaches you and your loved ones safe and well.

As the spring and summer, which will long be remembered for all the wrong reasons, pass slowly into autumn and with our shops, pubs, public transport and schools increasingly operating as ‘normal’, there will be an increasing temptation for some to assume that the peak of the Covid crisis has passed.

Hopefully it has, and if we all continue to obey the rules and guidelines set in place it might very well have done so, but I write to you today out of very real concern that the fight against this vile disease isn’t over yet and to urge continued caution as you go about your daily affairs.

Despite the hardships of the past five months, and I know I speak for everyone when I extend my thoughts once again to those who have suffered personal tragedy, unemployment, disruption to their businesses and schooling in recent times, as well, of course, as acknowledging once again the supreme efforts and bravery of so many people from all layers of public services over the same period, the sobering reality remains that Bromley is now recording four new infections per day, up from virtually zero in July.

The virus hasn’t gone away. It still lurks dangerously amongst us.

With the darker, colder evenings of autumn now looming large and the outside venues of summer increasingly becoming unavailable, the reason that so many health professionals remain very seriously concerned about an impending ‘second wave’ is surely obvious for all to see.

As one giant community, we’ve done some really great things across the borough between us over the course of the past five months, things which we can all look back on with real pride. So please, let’s not allow all of that bravery, effort and commitment count for nothing by failing to continue following the simple basics.

Little things such as not shaking hands or kissing on both cheeks when meeting friends or family.

Washing hands regularly. Wearing masks where instructed to do so as well and not just for ourselves, but also out of respect and courtesy for others we encounter too.

We’ve been through an extraordinary period together as residents of our borough and we now sit at a crossroads. We absolutely must go out, enjoy ourselves, support local businesses and help to rebuild the local economy wherever we possibly can. Heaven knows they need our help.

But please, we are all in this together, so minimising risk at all times and following the guidance of the day, remain critical essentials too.

We are winning this battle and we will win this battle, but it isn’t over yet. Please don’t drop your guard.

Kind regards - stay safe and well


Councillor Colin Smith,

Bromley Council Leader

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