High Street, Farnborough, re-opens following oil spill clean up

Published Thursday, 1 October 2020

High Street Farnborough re-opened this afternoon following an extensive clean-up operation after a bus leaked oil along the road surface on Tuesday.

The High Street was closed from the junction with the A21 at Starts Hill Road to the junction with Church Road for safety reasons with the road surface being slippery following a major oil leak from the bus.

The clean-up operation operation meant that a drying sand like substance, ‘dryspill’, was applied to the road, which helped soak up the oil. Once this time consuming process was complete, the substance was removed, with then extensive jet washing cleaning taking place. Road side drainage was also cleaned, with then the highway being inspected from a safety perspective.

The road was closed on Tuesday when London Fire Brigade attended the scene following a collision where another vehicle slid on the oil and collided with the stationary bus.


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