Chislehurst Sports and Country Club licence granted with conditions

Published Monday, 5 October 2020

A premises licence has been granted for Chislehurst Sports and Country Club in Elmstead Lane with stringent conditions following a Licensing Sub-Committee meeting.

The application for a premises licence to supply alcohol and provide regulated entertainment including live and recorded music was granted with reduced opening hours when compared with the applicant’s request and for three days rather than the seven days applied for.

The licence was granted subject to a series of tight conditions which included door supervision after 8pm, installation of CCTV and a challenge 25 policy. These and other conditions, including the installation of a noise limiter device support the licensing objectives outlined in the Licensing Act 2003, namely the prevention of crime and disorder; public safety; the prevention of public nuisance; and the protection of children from harm.

Councillor Pauline Tunnicliffe, Chairman of General Purposes and Licensing Committee said, “The council is actually legally bound to consider applications according to a strict criteria, with licensing legislation predicated on the assumption that a licence will generally be granted. We recognise the understandable concerns of local residents and the stated commitment of the owners to liaise more closely with residents, which is welcome.”

Councillor Tunnicliffe continued, “We are only granting this licence with the most stringent of conditions, which are designed to minimise noise and keep it within the building, hence the condition about doors and windows needing to be closed. This is important and alcohol can only be consumed inside the club and not in any outside area including the patio and terrace. A noise limiter must also be installed, which will need to be installed to the satisfaction of the council. The legislation also does provide a review mechanism in certain circumstance should there be identified issues.”

As well as hearing submissions from the landowner and applicant, the committee also heard objections from local residents and representations from Chislehurst ward councillors who were against the application.

The full list of conditions outlined as part of the premises licence are set out in the decision notice.


Editor’s notes: The Licensing Sub-Committee met on Tuesday 29 September.

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