Don’t leave donations outside closed charity shops

Published Wednesday, 7 October 2020

Residents and others are being asked not to leave their donations of unwanted goods outside closed charity shops.

The items are treated as fly-tipping and removed, making those leaving them liable for a fine and meaning that the items can’t be recycled and won’t benefit the charity as intended. Apart from charity shops not wanting this either, the advice is that people should always make sure the shop can accept the goods first.

“As we have spent more time at home in recent months, a lot of us have perhaps spent more time have clear-outs and doing DIY projects and the like. Donating goods to charity shops and businesses is of course the right thing to do but just leaving unwanted items isn’t. People should always speak to the charity shop first during their normal business hours to arrange acceptance of donations and never leave unwanted goods in doorways or on the pavement for others to clear up. Often, the charity shop will need to pay to dispose of the goods donated or dumped outside their shop and you could actually risk prosecution for flytipping.  We want town centres to be welcoming, secure and clean places where customers are confident to shop and being respectful towards charity shops will help with this and I know they will thank you for this and your much needed donations.” said Councillor William Huntington-Thresher, Executive Councillor for Environment and Community Services.

Local charities, part of the business economy, have re-opened following the Covid-19 crisis, in line with government guidance. Residents are reminded that by giving unwanted furniture, clothes, phones and computers to charity shops for example, they are helping the environment, saving money and benefiting the community. While shoes, clothes, textiles and batteries and more can be taken to one of the on-street recycling banks or recycled in a household collection. Local charities and reuse organisations, operate online as well as through shops, and in some cases they will collect. Further information on donating goods is available on our website

Residents with items unsuitable for charity, may be interested in the council’s bulky waste scheme for which there is a minimum charge of £36.The final cost will depend on the number and type of items. A full list of prices is available when booked or a no-obligation estimate available in advance from a council Neighbourhood Officer visit.

Items for disposal can also be taken to one of the council’s reuse and recycling centres at Waldo Road Bromley, or Churchfields Road, Beckenham. Alternatively, residents could arrange for a retailer to remove and dispose of their unwanted item(s) when delivering new goods.

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