Consultation about extending alcohol-free control zones underway

Published Friday, 16 October 2020

The public, including residents, key stakeholders and other interested parties are invited to express their views regarding drinking in a public place until 27 November 2020.

The wide-ranging consultation includes proposals to extend the alcohol-free zones across the borough, including in parks.  The proposal would also see psychoactive substances included, alongside alcohol in the refreshed orders to help deal with problems associated with nitrous oxide or synthetic marijuana use.

Councillor Pauline Tunnicliffe Chairman, General Purposes and Licensing Committee said “This is an opportunity to have your say. The proposals would not stop drinking where there is a licensed premises but we are looking to help prevent anti-social behaviour which is associated with drinking and support the police. Likewise, it would also help the police tackle the latest craze of using nitrous oxide in balloons and the anti-social behaviour that comes with this. Alcohol exclusion zones already exist in some of our town centres and by extending the zone to cover the whole borough, this will be more easily understood. Banning alcohol in this way from public places, including parks and open spaces, will also send a message that anti-social behaviour is not acceptable. Your opinion is welcome and anyone who wants to express their view should respond to our consultation at by 27 November.”

Currently, the alcohol-free control zones, part of the existing Public Space Protection Orders (PSPO) allows a police officer to seize alcohol if a person who is found drinking is acting in an anti-social manner. A fine may also be imposed. Under the new proposals, all of the borough will be included in PSPOs instead of a few individual areas. The police will still be able to seize alcohol and a fine may also be issued.

Interested parties have until 27 November 2020 to view and respond to the consultation on the Council’s website by visiting

The scope of consultation follows agreement at the council’s General Purposes and Licensing Committee on 30 September.


For media enquiries, please contact Andrew Rogers, Communications Executive, on 020 8461 7670 or email