A message from the Leader of the Council

Published Friday, 23 October 2020

The following open letter is the lead article in Bromley Council’s Update e-newsletter.

Dear Residents,

I very much hope that this letter finds you and your loved ones well.

Coronavirus never went away and it is now back with a very serious vengeance as you will have seen from the wall to wall coverages on every news outlet.

The good news, such as it is, is that Bromley remains one of the least infected parts of London, which in turn remains far less infected than many other parts of the UK.

We have a good base to build from.

The bad news, is that can change virtually overnight as we have already seen in other parts of London and there is absolutely no place whatsoever for complacency.

It is a very big ask I know, but it now falls to every single one of us once again, to dig as deep as we can to help save and protect the most vulnerable living in our midst and I would hasten to add that very much includes our local businesses and traders too.

Whether we should be in the ‘High Alert’ category is a matter of opinion; the simple fact of the matter is that the decision has been made and we need to make it work.

The one thing that is absolutely crystal clear is that to be placed in full lockdown would be an absolute disaster and I cannot stress strongly enough how we all need to work together as ‘One Bromley’ to not only stop that from happening, but also to get us out of the existing restrictions so recently imposed across the borough.

And with that in mind, a very special request to mums, dads and guardians in light of the half term holidays which are now upon us.

The evidence is very clear that infection levels are increasingly spreading from younger to more elderly age groups, so please, however tempting it might be to see the nans and grandads, uncles and aunts, please, for their sake as well as your own, see them outside only and socially distanced. Happier times for catching up and having fun with the family will return, but now most emphatically isn’t it.

Please continue to use good old fashioned common sense, follow the new guidance to the letter, and together we will defeat this wretched virus.

I truly thank you for what you have done so far, please stick with it for everyone’s sake, take care and stay safe.

My kindest regards,

Councillor Colin P. Smith

Leader of the Council

London Borough of Bromley

More information about Coronavirus is at www.bromley.gov.uk/covid-19

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