Bromley Council pilots testing programme for domiciliary care staff

Published Wednesday, 11 November 2020

Bromley Council is to deliver a Covid-19 testing programme for all domiciliary care staff in the borough, in partnership with local health and care providers.

The council is leading the way with a scheme which will see a total of 1,354 staff from forty-two domiciliary care agencies in Bromley receive testing for Covid-19 starting on 24 November 2020.

This builds further on the work the council, with health partners, has already done to test residents and staff in care homes and other residential settings such as extra care housing and supported living - a piece of work which began in Bromley prior to the National scheme being put in place, and which ran alongside the council’s ongoing support to help ensure adequate PPE was provided  across the sector.

Domiciliary care staff deliver vital care to the borough’s older and more vulnerable residents at home and in other settings, both commissioned by the council and privately funded.

The new testing programme will help the council to identify asymptomatic staff who test positive with Covid-19 to ensure that they can take prompt action to self-isolate - a key driver in helping to contain the virus as Wave 2 progresses.

Councillor Diane Smith, Executive Member for Adult Care and Health, said:

“We have made the testing of domiciliary care staff a corporate priority, given the critical work that they carry out amongst the borough’s most vulnerable people. We knew this was an initiative we needed to deliver quickly to keep infection numbers low, building as it does on the lead Bromley took earlier in the pandemic when we systematically organised testing of both residents and staff in care homes followed by other residential homes across the borough.

“I firmly believe that this approach has helped keep Bromley’s infection rates as relatively low as they currently are compared to other parts of the capital, but there is absolutely no room for any complacency.

“Situations can and have turned very quickly in other places for no obvious reason and this must not be allowed to happen here.

“We need to drive infection rates down to far lower levels yet, and this strengthened approach to testing will significantly assist us in achieving that aim.”


Notes to editors

The programme will be delivered in partnership with SEL CCG testing leads; Bromley GP Alliance; the Specialist Public Health Nursing Team and the Quality Assurance Team who support the domiciliary care settings.

For media enquiries, please contact Susie Clark, Communications Executive, on 020 8461 7911 or email