Gritting season underway

Published Friday, 4 December 2020

As road surface temperatures were forecast to be at or close to freezing last Tuesday night, the full fleet of gritters were used on the priority routes for the first time this winter.

The gritting crews were also in action late this afternoon.  They will remain on standby for the remainder of the winter, including this morning although the potential for snow didn’t materialise in the end, ready to salt icy roads when freezing temperatures are predicted.  Long before the winter season is here however, the council was getting ready for bad weather. Salt supplies were checked while gritting crews prepare to go on standby and Snow Friends are on hand to help if needed.

“Many people aren’t aware that crews have been out to grit as it’s usually done when most people are still asleep. Our aim is to keep traffic moving when bad weather is predicted, so long before it’s here, we’re making preparations to respond.  Most of our work is not about snow – it’s about the icy and frosty mornings which we routinely tackle but if snow does come, whilst there are limits, we will do what we can.  In these circumstances, we also look to clear snow for pedestrians in areas where there is a higher footfall, such as town centres.  My thanks too to our excellent Snow Friend resident volunteers who will also help by clearing snow in their street if this proves needed” said Councillor William Huntington-Thresher, Executive Councillor for Environment.

The council’s aim during bad weather, is to keep traffic moving around the borough. To assist with this, detailed road forecasts tell them when frost, ice or snow is likely so they can respond accordingly. However, it’s impossible to treat all 500 miles of roads and over 800 miles of pavements, so the main routes are prioritised. 

These are roads that are most regularly used and serve main bus routes for instance, also approaches to hospitals, fire, police and ambulance stations including steep routes. Also, in the event of snow, street cleaning teams will focus on clearing snow for pedestrians in areas of high footfall, transferring roles and clearing snow from pavements near the main shopping centres, schools, bus and train stations.  

Snow Friends help out too of course, and concentrate on clearing the local, residential roads so more of the borough is free of snow and ice.

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