Bromley parks are not for sale - open space strategy about conserving and enhancing and nothing else

Published Friday, 8 January 2021

Feedback from hundreds of residents, given as part of the open space strategy consultation, is being welcomed with detailed analysis work now taking place.

Early analysis shows that just over 800 responses have been received, with all respondents valuing open spaces.  The final analysis alongside an updated open space strategy will be discussed at a future meeting of the Environment PDS Committee before the long-term strategy is adopted.

Councillor William Huntington-Thresher, Executive Councillor for the Environment said, “Thank you so much to all those who took the time to share their views about open spaces and local parks.  There will need to be time to analyse the results in detail and we will not rush this important process.”

Councillor Huntington-Thresher added “I would like to reassure anyone who has been concerned that having sought to protect greenspace for so long, this is not changing. I would just like to make it very, very clear in light of a number of deliberately misleading comments being circulated across social media attempting to frighten people into believing otherwise, this strategy was always about conserving and enhancing our parks and open spaces, including woodland and the like, it was never about selling parkland. I hope it is now abundantly clear if anybody ever attempts to deceive you into believing otherwise that we are not about to sell any park and that we adore our green spaces and environment.”

Councillor Huntington-Thresher continued, “With so many residents rediscovering the joy that our green environment provides, especially during these difficult times, it was timely that this strategy was circulated for consultation at this time and we are pleased that so many residents have engaged with it and we are reading their comments with keen interest. Many residents have been always been passionate about their park and as Friends have helped make them the success they are. I applaud Friends for their work, which has continued, in appropriate ways, throughout the past year and I look forward to welcoming more residents to their ranks. If you are interested in your local greenspace, I would encourage you to join your local Friends of Parks group.  Our Friends of Parks are tremendously valued and thank them for their support.  I look forward in the coming months to work even closer with Friends groups to help improve understanding and enhance partnership working even further.”


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