Snow and gritting preparations underway

Published Friday, 5 February 2021

As snow is forecast on the borough’s roads on Sunday, gritting crews are once again on standby as they have been throughout the winter period.

The news follows an updated Met Office yellow weather warning covering the East of England, including the borough, with the council’s snow clearance and gritting team relying on localised and bespoke weather forecasts to determine when roads need to be salted when freezing road conditions are forecast.

“Most of winter gritting work is in response to predictions of icy road surfaces when frost etc is forecast.  As ever, this weekend, we are paying very close attention to the latest weather forecasts, including the localised bespoke forecast and the conditions at our weather station too.  So, we will adapt our plans accordingly and appropriately across the borough and as rain is forecast on Saturday night, which will then probably turn to snow, we will seek to wait as far as we can for this crucial turn in the weather to avoid the salt being washed away” said Councillor William Huntington-Thresher, Executive Councillor for Environment and Community Services.  

Councillor Huntington-Thresher continued, “I do want to publicly thank our Snow Friends, who we are in contact with, for their commitment and support to help clear snow if needed, in a socially distanced way of course, from their residential street.  Whilst we don’t expect the snow to last long, as always, please consider if neighbours might be in need of, socially distanced, extra assistance at this time. It is this partnership approach of working together that means we achieve so much more, which benefits us all.”

The council’s aim during bad weather, is to keep traffic moving around the borough. To assist with this, detailed road forecasts tell them when frost, ice or snow is likely so they can respond accordingly. However, it’s impossible to treat all 500 miles of roads and over 800 miles of pavements, so the main routes are prioritised, with arrangements in place to salt the approach to covid-testing centres where appropriate. 

These are roads that are most regularly used and serve main bus routes for instance, also approaches to hospitals, fire, police and ambulance stations including steep routes.  In the event of prolonged snow, in areas of higher footfall, typically, snow clearance work will take place in town centre locations and on approaches to transport interchanges.

Snow Friends and other residents also help out too, focusing on clearing the local, residential roads so more of the borough is free of snow and ice. 

A list of the priority gritting routes is available on the council’s website, where @BromleySnow updates are also published, which are also available on Twitter.


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