Schools support hub to give specialist support

Published Thursday, 11 March 2021

An advice hub specifically for teachers and schools is in place following the wider opening of schools to children on Monday 8 March.

The additional specialist support being offered to the borough’s teachers and other professionals working in education settings has been put in place to ensure that the children continue to be safeguarded and their mental wellbeing supported.

Councillor Peter Fortune, Deputy Leader and Executive Councillor for Children, Education and Families said, “Having heard of so much good work that teachers are doing to help our children at this enormously difficult time, I want to thank them for their work. We continue to be ambitious for our children and recognise the pressures we all faced will have impacted particularly on children and some children in particular. We know that schools are seeing children coming forwards with a range of needs as have our social work teams and these services are designed to support people working directly with children.”

The schools support hub includes:

  • increased capacity in the council’s Multi-Agency Safeguarding Hub (MASH) team, which is the single point of contact for the various child protection and safeguarding services within Bromley 
  • a dedicated MASH consultation line for teachers, so that discussions about any worries or concerns or wanting information as to where to signpost your parents can take place, with qualified social workers available who can advise on referrals if needed
  • parenting support available through the council’s children centres, including access to a parenting Helpline for families.
  • twice weekly virtual ‘drop in’ specifically for teaching staff every Tuesday and Thursday after school from 4.30 – 5.30pm.  
  • Bromley Y  specific consultation email service to offer advice with any anxiety or behavioural issues in supporting students back into the classroom, with the service able to signpost towards emotional and mental health wellbeing support
  • access to resources devised as part of ‘thebromleychildrenproject’ available by facebook

In addition, the council has published a mental health and wellbeing toolkit as a one-stop-shop for teachers and other professionals to access resources, guidance and advice with any wellbeing concerns.


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