Covid-19 vaccinations success at Bromley Civic Centre

Published Tuesday, 16 March 2021

Residents are being strongly encouraged to respond positively to their call up notification over coming weeks or book an appointment online to attend a vaccination centre.

Book your Covid-19 vaccine or change your booking at Or call 119 to book or change a vaccination appointment

The call follows the news that almost half of Bromley’s adult population has now been vaccinated, some 5000 alone at the Civic Centre since the site opened only two weeks ago.

With operational capacity set to rise to 1000 per day from Friday, thanks to the steadily increasing availability of vaccine coming on stream, Councillor Colin Smith, Leader of Bromley Council said

“Our thanks, as ever, continue to be directed to our NHS partners locally, supported as they are being by an amazing band of volunteers, who between them are getting this massive logistical exercise completed at an incredible and truly impressive pace

With that in mind, please don’t be at all surprised to be hearing from them earlier than you were expecting for your own vaccination, and when you do, please don’t even think twice before taking it up and getting the job done for yourselves, your friends and families..

After you have received your vaccine though, particularly the first shot, do not become complacent. This is our biggest danger now

You will be safer, much safer statistically, but still not completely safe and definitely not immune.

Remember at all times that it takes three weeks for the vaccine to ‘kick in’ and even then, you could still spread the virus with levels of infection remaining stubbornly at higher levels than anyone would prefers across the region.  The fundamental rules concerning washing hands, covering faces and keeping socially distant spaces still remain unchanged until further notice”

Just two weeks ago, in support of NHS and CCG partners, the council cleared the way for the launch of the Bromley Covid-19 vaccination centre in the Great Hall, Civic Centre, with the numbers being vaccinated at this site shortly to reach 1000  a day, offering welcome protection against Covid-19 to many more residents. 

To help with attending vaccination appointments at the Civic Centre, car parking charges in the multi-storey car park immediately adjacent to the Civic Centre have been temporarily suspended, including for both the medical teams and their helpers manning the day-to-day operations at the centre.

Bromley is one of two councils leading the field in the number of vaccines delivered in South East London with more than 90 per cent take up in the over 70s, nearly 90 per cent of the 65-69 age group already vaccinated, as well as the highest level of those who are clinically extremely vulnerable at well over three -quarters having been vaccinated.

Anyone in the priority groups or who is over 55 – with people in other ages also due to be invited for vaccination shortly - and has not yet received an invitation or has changed their mind can now book appointments online at

Appointments are offered at either a hospital site; at general practice sites; pharmacies, a roving service for those unable to travel and now also at the new vaccination centre at the Civic Centre.

Residents are asked to use the first entrance to the multi-storey car park adjacent to the Civic Centre as the ‘normal’ second entrance will still be operating as a paid-for car park for those not visiting the vaccination centre.


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