Quietways consultation

In January/ February 2018 we consulted on two proposed Quietway walking and cycling routes, one route going from Lower Sydenham to Bromley and the other from Kent House to Greenwich. Both these routes will form part of a London wide network of Quietways and Superhighways being developed jointly by London Boroughs and Transport for London (TfL).

Quietways are walking and cycling routes that have been identified where traffic is generally quieter, primarily using ‘lightly trafficked back streets’, through parks and alongside waterways and are designed to appeal particularly to new and inexperienced cyclists.

They are designed to provide safe and attractive links to shops, stations, schools, workplaces and destinations throughout London. The Lower Sydenham to Bromley Quietway will upgrade the section of the existing London Cycle Network route 27 between New Beckenham and Bromley town centre. The Greenwich to Kent House route will upgrade a section of the existing National Cycle Network Route 21.

Consultation reports and proposals

The consultation closed on the 2 February 2018 with the results and proposed amendments in response to public and key stakeholder feedback reported to the Environment Pre-Decision Scrutiny Committee on 15 March. The reports for each route are available to view by following the links below.

Lower Sydenham to Bromley post consultation PDS report

Greenwich to Kent House post consultation PDS report

The concept designs that were published for consultation are available to download in the consultation drawing packs. These are available to inform those who are interested in the Quietways of our proposals, however please note that we are no longer able to accept consultation feedback on them.

Lower Sydenham to Bromley consultation drawings pack

Greenwich to Kent House consultation drawings pack