Bromley North Village (BNV) forms part of Bromley Town Centre - the village is located at the north end of the town centre broadly comprising of East Street, Widmore Street, West Street, Market Square and High Street (north of Market Square only). 

Legacy projects 

Signage and lighting

To further improve the linkage between High Street North and the Hill Car Park a wayfinding sign and additional lights were added to the footpath between these areas (known as Naval Walk). 

Edison Road Gate

The objective of the gate (adjacent to the Hill Car Park) is to direct people towards the High Street and shops through a quicker route that has benefited from substantial improvements including new lighting, enlarged pavements and wayfinding signage. 

Our continual commitment to support the local economy has prompted us to facilitate initiatives to increase footfall through High Street North with the aim of supporting a local thriving economy. The council’s Plans Sub-Committee No. 4 on 2 February 2017 granted planning permission for the installation of the gate as outlined in planning application no. 16/05363/REG3.

The footpath where the gate is installed is not an established right of way. The installation of the gate was supported by the local ward councillors, the Bromley North Trader Association and the Bromley Civic Society.

The council believe the pedestrian route from the Hill Car Park to Market Square via Naval Walk is a quicker, safer and much more pleasant pedestrian environment.  We will be monitoring the operation of the gate, the impact of its operation on the Hill Car Park and footfall on the High Street.

Enhanced cleaning 

As reported in the Bromley North Village post scheme evaluation update report enhanced cleaning options for BNV and town wide areas are being considered by our Environmental Services Department.

Evaluation reports

During the period from 2012 to 2015, the council implemented a programme of physical interventions in BNV with the objective of improving the evening economy, providing better wayfinding and creating a clear identity for BNV. An initial evaluation of the BNV improvement works (PDF - 11.07 MB) was undertaken by Regeneris Consulting in February 2015, as part of the Outer London Fund (OLF) post scheme evaluation. This evaluation report concluded the BNV improvements have contributed to the creation of greater town centre coherency and a stronger and more diverse offer that has changed the perceptions and image of the town centre, thus resulting in making the town centre more competitive in the long term. 

The January 2017 Regeneris Consulting evaluation report (PDF - 1.85 MB) further perpetuates the February 2015 report findings. The focus of the 2017 report was to assess the impact of the scheme 2 years post completion, with specific emphasis on: Businesses trading in the area, particularly new businesses and parking/loading issues; and perceptions of town centre users, specifically bus users. Data analysis from footfall data, vacancy rates and structured surveys with BNV businesses and town users have been used to expand upon the February 2015 Regeneris Consulting report. This January 2017 report concluded the improvements have contributed to increased footfall and the overall economic vitality by generating inward diverse investment that has resulted in a general improvement in the overall appearance and perception of the area.

Bromley North Village post scheme evaluation update report